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Abdominal Bloatedness Treatment



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What are the Treatment Options?

Abdominal bloating can be treated based on the symptoms experienced. Your doctor may suggest few lifestyle changes to relieve and prevent abdominal bloating. They include:

  • Stop chewing gum as it may cause you to swallow extra air
  • Avoid consumption of gas producing foods and carbonated drinks
  • Avoid overeating and lose weight if overweight
  • Avoid lactose containing dairy products
  • Include a high fibre diet and plenty of clear fluids
  • Avoid foods high in fat
  • Stop smoking
  • Eat slowly


You may be prescribed antacids to expel gas. Odour from the gas can be reduced by taking activated charcoal tablets after meals. You may add digestive enzymes to aid proper digestion of food and break down of certain chemicals in gas producing grains and vegetables. Your doctor may suggest other approaches such as:

  • Addition of pancreatic enzyme supplements if you have pancreatic insufficiency
  • A gluten free diet if you have celiac disease
  • Breaking the lactose in milk by adding intestinal lactase

Physical obstruction to passage of food or gastric emptying can be surgically treated. For reduced function of the gastrointestinal tract, your doctor may prescribe medications to increase the muscle activity. Antibiotics may be prescribed to treat the bacterial overgrowth in small intestine. Sometimes, probiotics may be suggested to treat intestinal bacterial overgrowth.

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